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About Us
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Ascentage Pharma is a China-based, global-oriented, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, dedicated to discovery and development of the “first-in-class” and the “best-in-class” targeted small-molecule cancer therapeutics, guided by the demand of “Undruggable” preclinical treatment to fill the gap in this field and enter the international high-end pharmaceutical market. 

Ascentage Pharma has a number of core technologies in the field of anti-tumor innovative drug development from the new mechanism of action, especially as the global leader of protein-protein interaction target drug design technology, with more than 100 patents related to domestic and foreign invention. Based on our own core technology system, we have successfully completed the product layout in the field of tumor, hepatitis B and aging-related diseases, and built a high-quality scientific and reasonable product pipeline. 6 innovative drugs have entered phase I-II clinical trials in China, United States and Australia, and a number of innovative drugs are in the preclinical research or earlier research stage.


We have more than 170 researchers, including 3 national specially selected experts from the Central Organization Department of "thousands of people plan", nearly 20 people with many years of overseas drug research and development experience, and also more than half of our team members are masters or doctors. Our team has been selected as Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Innovation Team and honored as “key Chinese entrepreneurial team” selected by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China. In 2017, we have won the first Jiangsu province innovation team award, and also the only provincial innovative team in the field of biomedicine.

Based on Ascentage Pharma’s strong R&D strength and rich portfolio of products pipeline, we have been awarded more than 10 programs in national “Major New Drug Development”, National 863 for “ New Therapeutic Target Research”, National Cooperation Project of Ministry of Science and Technology and designated as the first “Key Laboratory for New Drug Development” in Jiangsu, the cumulative support funds total up to $16M.

The performance of Ascentage Pharma in the field of high-end international research and development of NCE R&D has attract the attention of professional venture capital institutions and industrial capital firms. In 2015 we completed Series A financing of $15.5 M by Yuan Oriza Holdings, Yuan Ming Capital, Yuan Sheng venture capital and other venture capital investment. By the end of 2016, we completed Series B financing of $72M by International Investment Fund and other venture capital. With all these capital investment push the development of Ascentage Pharma. In 2017, the company launched the global industrial base site selection and construction work, marking the company transfer from a single R & D model to a integrated model of R&D, manufacturing and sales.