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  • 2010

    1.Ascentage Jiangsu established

    2.Ascentage R&D center (Taizhou) established

    3.Secured $3m Angel fund from 3SBio

  • 2011

    1.Selected as the ‘Key Chinese 

    Entrepreneurial Team’ supported by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State 

    Council of China

    2. Selected as Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Innovation Team

  • 2012

    1.AT-101 entered Phase II clinical trial for CLL in the US

    2. Awarded national funding to establish ‘Enterprise 

    Incubator for Innovative 

    Drug Development’

    3. Selected as the only biotech in national 863 ‘Drug Design’ sub-project

  • 2013

    1.APG-1387 entered clinical trial in Australia 

    2. Established partnership with Merck & Co Inc and acquired the commercial rights of its c-Met inhibitor in Asia Pacific 

    3.Designated as the first ‘Key Laboratory for New Drug Development ’in Jiangsu 

  • 2014

    1.APG-1387 and AT-101 entered Phase I clinical trials in China

    2.Ranked top 3 in annually approved first-in-class INDs in China

  • 2015

    1.APG-1351 and APG-8361 entered Phase I clinical trials in China

    2.Completed Series A financing of $15.5m

  • 2016

    1.APG-1252 and APG-115 entered Phase I clinical trials in the US; both filed INDs in China 

    2.APG-1387 won funding 

    as national ‘Major New 

    Drug Development’ Project

    3.Completed Series B financing of $72m

    4.Certified by CNAS

    5.Established a worldwide strategic collaboration with UNITY Biotechnology to co-develop senolytic drugs

    6.Won China ‘Biopharma Innovation and Breakthrough’ award

  • 2017

    1.APG-1252 won funding as national ‘Major New Drug Development’Project

    2.Ascentage’s Global R&D Center opened in Suzhou and initiated the preparation of a manufacture site

    3.APG-1252 and APG-115 entered Phase I clinical trials in China