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At Ascentage, we always focus on innovation and originality. We develop the "First-in-Class" and the "Best-in-Class" NCE small molecule drugs, aiming for the unmet clinical needs in China and world. There is no doubt that talents are the key to success. With the efforts and collaboration of our team, we have made significant breakthroughs, including driving the six NCE compounds  to clinical stage. This is only the beginning of our story. There are infinite possibilities for us in future. We are in the golden age of new drug development and we are glad to be involved in it.  

  • Ascentage is one of leading NCE drug development companies in China,there all the experiments are carried out according to the international standards. Work here is full of vitality,the data and science-driven culture spur us continuously to have the innovative idea. Looking forward to developing anticancer drugs with significant clinical value through our diligence and scientific design.

    Yanqiong Lin, Ph.D. Director of Pharmacy
    Yanqiong Lin, Ph.D.

    Ascentage is one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies with its core pipelines focusing on inhibiting anti-apoptotic proteins such as BCL2, BCLxL, and modulating the functions of tumor suppressor protein p53 and inhibitors of apoptosis. The importance of targeting anti-apoptotic BCL2 family proteins has been demonstrated in the last 2 decades in many preclinical and clinical studies. And Ascentage has been one of the pioneers leading the effort to targeting those proteins; that is where I got to know the company while I and my group at Harvard Medical School /Harvard Cancer Center started some collaborative projects with the company’s early compounds more than 10 years ago.

    With its multiple lead compounds entering clinical trials, both in China and overseas including USA and Australia, Ascentage represents new opportunities and attracts many researchers like me to come back from USA to work at Ascentage.  Its scientist-science oriented working environment, I believe, is the foundation for its today’s success. I am very proud of being one of the employees, and looking forward to working together with the Ascentage teams to move the company’s pipelines forward. 

    Dr. Deng, Ph.D. Director of Translational Medicine
    Dr. Deng, Ph.D.

    I feel fortunate to be a member of Ascentage. This is not my first job but,truth be told, I have found what I love. I love our company culture and working with a lot of talented people make me grow rapidly. We are dedicated to promote novel drug research and discovery. I believe our opportunities are greater than ever,and we're going to make more amazing achievements.

    Binghua Sheng Pharmaceutical researcher
    Binghua  Sheng

     I have been working at Ascentagepharma for 3 years, within this short period, I witnessed the Global & Local clinical research of different tumors for 6 innovative drugs. The clinical research of new drugs always facing different challenges, in order to ensure the high quality of clinical research, company introduced many managers who have overseas and famous foreign enterprise background. Established a team covers Global & Local clinical operation, clinical medicine, quality assurance, statistics. It is my honor to be one member of the executive team. Learning from experienced colleagues, growing with the company. I love the company culture: Equality, Tolerance, Trust. Ascentagepharma presents confidence, persistence, focus and selflessness. Ascentagepharma has clear strategic objective and beautiful vision. Let’s stick together and achieve the goal.

    Xiaohong Tian Senior Project Manager
    Xiaohong Tian
  • Ascentage Pharma (Jiangsu) was founded in 2010.It has been developing rapidly. I was emotionally attached to my hometown and attracted by the founder’s character, so I became one of the first employees. I have worked for Ascentage Pharma for 7 years and I believe and I hope this could last for quite a long time since I can not express how much I love our team and how ecstatic I am for all the achievements we made.

    Life is meaningless until we work. Work is difficult until we are armed with knowledge. Knowledge is so boring until we find passion in it. Passion is blind until we know that is because of love. Ascentage Pharma is like a big family full of love, motivating and inspiring us constantly. We fight bravely with our family members, always have, always will!

    As we all know, the pharmaceutical industry could be harsh, but we never doubt that with our cohesion, responsibility, perseverance and innovation, we will make more outstanding contributions to this industry. 

    Jianping Shuai HR&Adm;. Vice Manager
    Jianping  Shuai

    It has been more than a year since I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center and joined the Ascentagepharma. Ascenta is a great family, can be characterized as tolerant, open, receptive and innovative. She is full of vigor and passion, opportunities and challenges. I have been trained in the laboratory of Dr. Dajun Yang and Dr. Shaomong Wang during my ph.D study, and was deeply impressed by their decades of endeavor in searching for new small molecular antitumor drugs. I was fortunate to join the Department of Clinical Development after graduation. It is an emerging department in Ascenta, which bridges the bench to bedside and developed rapidly in the past two years. The mission of Ascenta that bring new solutions to patients with cancer urges me to constantly enrich myself in the work. Hope my efforts may help the achieve of Ascenta’s dream.

    Jijiao, Ph.D. Clinical Project Manager
    Jijiao, Ph.D.