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R & D model
Global Top Academic Strength
Top-Class R&D Team In China
Global Top Academic Strength

Long-term collaboration with Professor Shaomeng Wang’s lab at the University of Michigan

R&D team of 40+ scientists

US$4-5MM research funding annually

15+ years academic research experience

Top-Class R&D Team In China

R&D team with 10+ years experience with US standard

The team licensed out two apoptosis-targeted assets to big pharma with a total deal size exceeding $600MM 

Complete R&D functions including CMC, preclinical and clinical development

Global quality R&D data

Projects and Grants
  • 1. National 863 “New Therapeutic Target Research” Project and “Drug Design” sub-project. Among all applications, Ascentage Pharma is the only company chosen to participate in these projects.

    2. National “Major New Drug Development” Key Project - “Enterprise Innovative Drugs Development Incubator” Program. Ascentage Pharma ranked third among more than 50 participants nationwide.

  • 3. Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Innovation Team; Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory.

    4. “Key Chinese Entrepreneurial Team” Project supported by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China.